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ARAMAS HaaS (hedge fund as-a-service) is a unique platform and community that acts as a tier 1 hedge fund enabler. It provides fund managers with the tools and support necessary to allow them to concentrate on generating alpha.

The ARAMAS platform offers a comprehensive suite of services and resources that create a level playing field for all investment managers, regardless of their size, by providing access to offerings typically associated with tier 1 hedge funds.


ARAMAS HaaS offers a comprehensive solution to streamline fund operations, catering to both existing fund managers and new fund launches. With the flexibility to outsource specific operational tasks on a monthly basis, investment professionals can redirect their efforts towards generating alpha, confident that ARAMAS HaaS will efficiently manage the rest. This approach empowers organizations to optimize their cost structures by outsourcing routine administrative, compliance, and reporting functions while maintaining control over critical aspects of fund management. Through continuous monitoring and strategic adaptation, this solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides the scalability required to accommodate growth and evolving market dynamics.


Our financial services are centered on connectivity and community building within the finance industry. We excel at bridging the gap between the sell-side and buy-side communities, fostering a thriving ecosystem. Through our internal community portals, users can access exclusive resources such as proprietary earnings previews, cutting-edge research, and lively idea forums. What sets us apart is our integrated approach, leveraging both fundamental and tactical strategies to mutual advantage. Fundamentally-driven insights enhance the tactical understanding of market setups, while tactical strategies refine the fundamental comprehension of market “expectations.” In this collaborative environment, professionals benefit from a wealth of knowledge, forge valuable connections, and navigate the financial landscape with precision and confidence.


ARAMAS excels in providing valuable financial insights through a combination of proprietary research, rigorous analysis of third-party data, and the expertise of our Chief Investment Officer (CIO). Our proprietary research and analysis offer a unique perspective on market trends, helping our clients make informed investment decisions. Additionally, our CIO overlay adds a layer of strategic guidance, enhancing idea generation and portfolio optimization. With ARAMAS, clients have access to a powerful blend of data-driven research and expert guidance, ensuring they stay ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape.


ARAMAS offers a comprehensive suite of financial services that encompass marketing, capital introduction, and direct investment. Our marketing efforts include pitch book development, digital presence, PR efforts and all investor presentations needed to raise capital and awareness.  Our capital introduction services connect investors with promising opportunities and connections in the financial community. Simultaneously, our direct investment capabilities serve as an additional resource for investment. This integrated approach positions ARAMAS as a one-stop solution for clients seeking comprehensive marketing and capital introduction.